Vertical cartoning packing machine


Vertical cartoning packing machine is a vertical single-layer or multi-layer cartoning machine independently developed by our company. It can realize a single-layer or multi-layer grabbing of one box, and can also realize one-time grabbing of one or more boxes. After the product enters the equipment, it will automatically organize, layer, grab, pack, output, etc., with high work efficiency and can be connected to the production line for online packaging.


Apply for daily chemicals, medicines, tissues, health care products, beverages, foods, cosmetics, metals etc.


•Adopt different kinds of tongs, sucker or grip according to product feature.
•Integrated formula function, different products realize one-key switching.
•Modular optional equipment for sorting, stacking, turning, and automatic feeding.
•Independent temperature control system for every sealing part.
•Perfectly equipped with the front and following process equipments.
•Equip the safety configuration such as safety door and safety relay.
•Professional structure design to ensure maximum space utilization.



L*W*H 2700*1900*2100

Packing speed

Max 10 boxes/min

Packing product size(mm)

max 520*380*220


Max: 4.6kw


3-380Vac+N+PE 50Hz