Reciprocating shrink packing machine


Reciprocating shrink packing machine is our independent research product based on side sealer machine with higher speed. The max speed achieve 120pcs per minute, and no packing length limited. It is widely used in small size packing line.

Automatic process including feeding, transporting, film packing, sealing&cutting, shrink and output. It can connect with the production directly.


Apply for small size product packing such as book, magazine, cosmetic ,wallpaper, greeting cards, photo frames, plastic film, garbage bag, flooring, electronic product, aluminum etc.


•Adjust bag size automatically according to the product size.
•Continuously variable transport speed.
•Omron temperature controlling system.
•Professional film shaping device to reduce the film cost.
•Servo system for precise positioning.
•Cam drive for the sealing for perfect effciency.
•Automatic collection for waste film.



L*W*H 5000*1500*1360

Packing speed

Max 120 pcs/min

Packing product size(mm)

Length unlimited, W+H≤400


Max: 20kw/ Average: 13.5kw


3-380Vac+N+PE 50Hz