3D film packing machine


3D film packing machine is our independent research product with high packing speed. The max speed achieve 120pcs per minute. It can pack single box, single layer or multiple layer and mixture product. It is widely used in the soap, cosmetic, medical case, toothpaste and such products packing line. Automatic process including feeding, stacking, pushing, film release ,angle breaking, shaping...etc. It can connect with the production directly.


Apply for daily necessities, medicine, cosmetics, food, tissue paper and regular shape products angular packing.


•Two packing type: positioning type and length base type.
•Servo system for precise positioning.
•Continuously variable transport speed.
•Independent temperature control system for every sealing part.
•Stable stack mechanism, product can be pileing packing.
•It can be configured with online coding machine to realize real-time coding.
•Perfectly equipped with the front and following process equipments.



L*W*H 5200*2000*1450

Packing speed

Max 60 pcs/min

Packing product size(mm)



Max: 8.6kw


3-380Vac+N+PE 50Hz